Change Management

Hands-on trainings help executives to broaden their behavioral repertoire in managing change.
Today executives are the most important change managers. However, the methods of change management are still new territory for many.

When company goes through period of strategic changes, managers are those who decide about success or failure. Acceptance of a change by employees is key. In spite of this, ways how to manage change are still difficult and underestimate discipline for leading managers. Practical workshop helps leading managers broaden their skills in change management.

On the basis of your particular need we will prepare and carry out a workshop, aimed at implementation of change, but also on the training of participants. It is consulting and also educational program.

Typical cases

  • A large change project is pending and a core group of executives or change agents would like to get prepared for it.
  • In large organization, change projects are managed at different locations, but there is a lack of common understanding and effective networking of change know-how.
  • Change projects are having trouble getting started. Fresh energy and perspectives, new methods or personality development of key personnel is necessary to make real progress.


  • Project leader get to know specific methods and approaches how to manage change.
  • Participants have an opportunity to learn in a practical way by handling particular situation and after solving it, they consult it with others.
  • After finishing the workshop, these experience can be immediately applied in practice. Everything is done on a real selected projects.

We support you by…

  • Designing customized change management trainings.
  • Offering trial workshops for executives.
  • Organizing comprehensive change management training programs.
  • Coaching change projects and customer workshops
  • Workshop roadmap example

Change workshop roadmap example

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