Agile organization

Together we will change the approach to project management and process management. We will introduce short cycles (sprints), clearly measurable goals and create an agile organization.
We introduce agile management principles into the organization

Are you hesitant to join the hype around agile organizations? While agile seems to be something that has emerged in recent years, its roots go back more than 30 years. And it’s no longer true that it’s an approach just for software companies – it’s now finding applications in finance, telecommunications and human resource management, for example. An agile organization (it’s not just about implementing methods, but also about the mindset of managers) can achieve 3 to 5 times more efficiency than traditional management.

We invite you to also explore the extent to which Agile can provide a solution for managing increasing complexity in a VUCA world. ICG can help you with the implementation of Agile principles. We will select and implement aspects useful specifically for your company. Together we will introduce highly effective, tailored interventions that challenge but do not burden the organization.

Although there is a considerable amount of information, success stories and discussions about agility on the internet or at conferences, each individual organization needs to ask itself the following questions:

  • Could more agility be useful for us too?
  • What aspects of agility might be useful in particular?
  • How can we choose the tools that will be most effective for us?
  • What is the best way to go about implementing agile management?

We want to help you find the answers to these questions. That’s why we will analyse the current situation and design a development programme according to the company’s requirements. We will organise the implementation of the programme, working with internal project managers in the preparation and implementation of the individual phases of the project.

Based on your biggest challenges, together we launch the combination of measures that best benefits your business. This naturally involves applying agile principles such as working in short planning phases (sprints), which allows you to evaluate solutions more quickly and redefine the project as necessary to meet new realities. Another aspect of Agile is continuous collaboration with the customer, who provides feedback to the team and refines the brief.

Our offer includes evaluating the ongoing status during the implementation of the project of introducing Agile into the organization and assessing the status of the project after its implementation, including recommending steps for its long-term sustainability.

If you are interested in a comprehensive transformation of your organization to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we also recommend our Organization development.

Which methods and tools we use:

  • Agile Readiness Questionnaire
  • Kanban
  • Lean Startup
  • OKR
  • Rapid Results

Our Approach - Roadmap



We help you to develop a vision, because the more agile organization being aspired towards must be conceivable and palpable.



Together, we define the “why” and “what for” and thus formulate clear objectives that are to be achieved with agility.



We define the overall process with you, prioritize areas of development and specify initial interventions.


Learning process

We design a conscious learning process with you involving prototyping, evaluation, learning and adaptation.



By rolling out approaches and proven processes, we anchor selected aspects in the organization.



We enable your organization to further develop itself according to the more agile organization model.

Goals and Benefits

Faster project delivery in the range of 30-50%

Flexibility in assembling teams dedicated to a specific task

The ability of the whole organisation to respond more quickly to changes

Examples of Benefits

15% decrease in time between ordering and product delivery

Impact: the introduction of Agile methods improved communication between the customer and the team and reduced the delivery time of the product, thus increasing overall efficiency. Where: Automotive

60% increase employee job satisfaction

Impact: a happier team and a sense of psychological safety in the workplace increases the likelihood that employees will openly communicate their opinions and ideas within the company. Where: Electrotechnical industry

30% Decrease in the number of errors in development projects

Impact: the frequency of cases where something had to be redesigned or reworked during the project has decreased, which also has an impact on the revision of deadlines and budgets. Where: a company in the chemical industry

Are you interested in Agile Oranization? Contact us, we will prepare a tailored offer for you.


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