Safety Leadership

Shift the workplace safety culture from control and supervision to pro-active responsibility of each employee for themselves and others.
Workplace safety culture as part of people management

The main cause of most workplace accidents and injuries is unknowing human error. Employees do not follow safety instructions or basic rules, nor do they intervene when they see activities or habits that threaten safety.

Injuries usually have direct costs associated with them in companies: medical costs, wage replacement, and claims by injured workers. However, indirect costs in the form of damaged equipment and products, loss of productivity and quality, replacement labor/overtime and training, increased insurance costs, litigation costs, deterioration of customer relations and the overall image of the organization in the community are less well perceived.

A safe organization culture is based on changing the visible (conscious) things such as structure, systems and procedures, but also, and most importantly, on changing and making visible the invisible (unconscious) things such as values, beliefs, attitudes, underlying assumptions, simply the “unwritten rules”.

Safe behaviour is not changed by OSH training alone. Changing attitudes requires more than training or management intent. It is created by a shared process of acceptance and learning new skills based on immediate feedback directly in the workplace, independent of employee positions.

Each employee’s ability to recognize risk and intervene early gradually removes invisible barriers to achieving higher levels of workplace safety.

Our Approach - Roadmap


Strategic management workshop

We define the objectives and areas of the occupational safety programme.


Management Team Workshop

We develop with the management team the company's vision and leadership strategy for workplace safety into a concrete program plan.


"Train the trainer"

We train internal trainers - senior employees to be able to independently train employees from their own teams.


Training of own teams by internal trainers

Conducted by in-house trainers with possible support from ICG consultant as per training plans for all staff.


Follow-up meetings of the management team

We monitor the implementation of the training and communication plan, manage the sharing of experiences of internal trainers, and evaluate the benefits with management.

Goals and Benefits

Reduction of LTI(F): Lost time injury frequency

Increase in accident and injury free days

Increase in recorded nearmisses

Reducing the cost of poor quality production

Examples of Benefits

-90% Reduction in injury frequency (LTIF)

Impact: 90% reduction in injury frequency (LTIF) and significant improvement in productivity was achieved. Long-term safety developmentand safety training led by managers and foremen started the journey to creating a workplace where people care about each other. Where: Construction company

+200% Increase in reported near misses as prevention of actual accidents

Impacts: workplace safety has improved throughout the plant and the frequency of accidents has decreased. The number of reported near misses has tripled and the trend in job satisfaction is positive. Where: Production engineering company

-40% of the cost of poor quality production

Impacts: workplace safety has improved throughout the plant and the frequency of accidents has decreased. All this has implications in other areas: productivity has improved significantly and quality costs have been reduced by 40%. Where: Production engineering company

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