Kaizen workshops will help you how to find opportunities, plan and execute improvement workshops.

Learn how to find and gain opportunity in your process.

Practical & intensive program Kaizen workshop will help you how to find opportunities, plan and execute improvement workshops with clear results right in your process. Everything we do together with your employees during real assignments, in a real production environment or in an administrative process. The results are tangible right after the session!

The topic, area and tools depend all  on you

We can prepare Kaizen workshop for selected Lean tools, but also for a quality management tools. You can define your own topic, or we can help you choose from areas already pre-defined:

You can select goal and scope

To teach the selected group to implement Kaizen Event workshops in order to increase workplace productivity by 20%? Kaizen events can long from 1 to 5 days, according to the selected scope.

In the case of special interest, we will prepare so-called Kaizen Week – an intensive improvement week with several moderators who can lead several implementation teams in a coordinated improvement.

If you have any need, process problem or specific topic you can add your resource constraints and goal and do not hesitate and contact us. Our experts will contact you by phone, mail, or by personal visit.

Output of the Kaizen Workshop

  • An effectuated example of the Kaizen Workshop through training and practice
  • Motivating the team to further implementations
  • Process change – improving selected process metrics, eliminating the problem
  • Financial benefit – in the vast majority of cases, there is an immediate return of the cost of implementing a training workshop




“I need to change the corporate culture and I think the introduction of Lean philosophy is the right way”. That was my assignment 5 years ago when I was selecting a consultant at Lean. The only company that came up with an interesting offer (and understood our needs at all) was ICG.

Since then, ICG has been accompanying me in the Lean transformations I am launching. Most appreciate the approach of ICG consultants, which always takes us one step (or two) further, we always get the support we need, we learn mainly by implementing projects together, Kaizen events, Kaizen Weeky. The ICG is constantly helping us push the boundaries of what we think can be implemented. For example, we have implemented Just In Sequence production planning within a week. As a result, lead time has been reduced to many hours instead of days (weeks) and the planning process has been standardized. It is just one example of how much ICG has helped us and helps to increase efficiency, leadtime, free up production space for further production and, above all, increase the engagement of our employees. Without ICG, our Lean transformation would not have been so successful.

Jan Sondag, Teleflex Medical s.r.o.


To cooperate with Mr. Hodulák is like seeing the truth! His approach to uncovering any shortcomings and unnecessary is direct and uncompromising. Training is all comprehensible and the management of the workshops is professional and effective. I appreciate his open approach, his willingness to still give us questions to help us open our eyes and find the right solutions. In a perfectly understandable way, we can give feedback when we look for excuses or justifications instead of solutions. After several years of cooperation, I would like to recommend the training to any company.

Martin Kořínek, General Manager, GRAMMER CZ


We have been cooperating with ICG for more than two years. The primary aim of our cooperation was and still is to spread Kaizen culture in a non-violent way through education and workshops. To do this, we have mapped the value flow and defined Kaizen Events, which have always been targeted to a particular obstacle to the main goal of building the OPF line. Kaizen Events have been very carefully implemented, from planning, staffing, goal specification, use of techniques, consultants’ choice to final presentation of proposals, and feedback from participants and sponsors.

Thanks to careful organization and implementation, we are able to spread Kaizen’s nonviolent culture in the company, with parallel benefits in the form of significant improvements in individual workplaces. I see cooperation with ICG as very successful one. We managed to transfer a large amount of know-how to internal staff, and ICG (after a year and a half) already works only in the form of an external consultancy and audit company now. The basis for successful cooperation with ICG is shared philosophy and approach to Kaizen.

Ivo Denemarek, Supply Chain Manager, Olympus Medical Products Czech


I’ve been working with ICG (Richard Hodulák) for several years. I have attended several Workshops and follow-up Kaizen Events and I appreciate especially the professional and practical approach. The results have always exceeded my expectations. The work of the entire team has always been on a high level, and the progress has been absorbed by even less optimistic colleagues. I can only recommend cooperation with ICG (Richard Hodulák). It is worthwhile.

Michal Mur, GPS Manager, GRAMMER CZ


After more than two years of cooperation with ICG, I have a positive appreciation of the work of consultants – their expertise, the ability to put the theoretical interpretation into practice and the ability to adapt the style to different professions in our company – from operators to managers. From the beginning of our cooperation, I feel really positive about the start of kaizen’s transformation – through a comprehensive concept of kaizen events, we managed to implement a One Piece flow line in the key area of production with the active involvement of not only THP staff but also operators in the workshop.

Michal Kubica, Continuous Improvement Manager, Olympus Medical Products Czech

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