Finances are a connecting link between sectors and their knowledge adds confidence to managers.

A certain level of “financial literacy” is increasingly important for effective project management. This training is an appropriate supplement for project and process managers (green belt and black belts) who want to expand their knowledge and become a qualified a counterpart for economic department and company management during implementation of their project.

After this training, you will understand financial statements, be able to determine project costs, build a financial plan, and learn how to manage project cash flow. Furthermore, you will be able to assess the impact of possible risks and acquire basic financial terminology.

Acquired knowledge will help you to manage your projects more efficiently.

All calculations are performed in MS Excel.

Typical situations

  • You’ve became responsible for a new project and you need to quantify its costs and returns
  • Project manager is deciding between several investment projects
  • Promote your project plan before the management and financial department of the company

You will learn to

  • Acquire basic financial terminology
  • Understand to the financial statements
  • Calculate and plan costs of the project
  • Build cash-flow and whole financial plan
  • Compare project from the perspective of possible returns
  • Analyze potential risks

Available Terms