Jindřich Černý

Jindra pursues two main consulting directions. Firstly, it is finding company's potential in its data, helping companies maximize data understanding, collecting, and then using it for optimization, productivity increase, decision making and future planning. Secondly, he helps companies to deploy large Innovative, Start-up, Energy management or completely „out of range“ projects into life. He also provides trainings in this fields. Jindra's motto is: „All answers are in the data. The development of everything can be simulated or estimated. Without data analysis, companies are deaf and blind at every step of their business, yet they neglect these areas. “ Today software is able to use thousands of variables and constrains and millions of data records, so why not to use it. He is a fan of new technologies.


  • Management of large projects and programs
  • Discovering company potential in data, Big Data
  • Data analysis and their structure, prediction, modeling, decision support
  • Energy management and optimization, Industry 4.0
  • Support for innovation and the development of new products and services
  • SW simulation of the implementation of new processes and services
  • Trainings

Projects / Trainings

  • Prazdroj (SABMiller), Microsoft, KB (Societe Generale), Seznam CZ, ČEZ, Weatherford, IPCC, EON, Telecom (O2)

Good to Know

  • Passionate badminton player
  • Loves flying in all its forms and holds PPL (A)
  • Occasionally sailing and surprisingly having first place in the Captain’s Regatta.
  • He travels. He travels a lot. He visited many exotic and non-exotic destinations.
  • He likes home improvement and repairs technical things

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