A unique program with a new Lean / Six Sigma tool for a group of manufacturing companies. The companies learn together and simultaneously implement projects in their plants using a new technique – nodal value stream mapping (NODVSM).

NOD<>VSM is a key to implement a fundamental Lean project in complex production streams (e.g. engineering machine shops) with a variable structure of production, custom production or a wide combination of products, machinery and technological groups.

The NODUS project creates a team of several non-competing manufacturing companies dealing with similar problems on selected processes across the companies. Using a combination of joint workshops, individual DMAIC projects, benchmarking and support from ICG Slovakia consultants, we shorten essential production lead times in selected processes, reduce work-in-progress, make overall processes leaner, and set up sustainable mechanisms to support further development and improvement.

Who is NODUS intended for?

  • Manufacturing companies with custom production in standardized technological units
  • Manufacturing companies with small batch production in combinatorially diverse involvement of individual machines or technological units
  • Logistics processes involving many manual operations in an extreme amount of combinations
  • Those of you who have identified their problems with the described logic and see a potential in implementing NODUS


Benefits for the NODUS program participants:

  • Substantial reduction of production lead times
  • Reduction of WIP
  • Increase of labor productivity
  • Setting up a sustainable process
  • Training provided simultaneously with the physical implementation of improvements
  • Benchmarking among companies involved in the NODUS project


Form of the NODUS program:

  • Combination of methodological seminars and practical workshops right within your real processes
  • Participation of experts from other companies to ensure exchange of experience and new perspectives on solving your problems, feedback, and comparison with problems “from the outside“
  • Shared costs of the entire program and reduced unit prices for the participants thanks to the participation of experts from more companies


How does the NODUS program work?

  • Three team workshops in our training center in Bratislava (The objective of the workshops is to introduce and ensure understanding of the theory, present performance results of individual implementation phases, and share ideas and approaches to project implementation.)
  • Four internal workshops in your plant lead by an ICG Slovakia consultant focused on solving specific project phases
  • Up to 10 online consultations (video or teleconferences) with an ICG Slovakia consultant providing support to the DMAIC project
  • Benchmarking among companies involved in the NODUS project


Online support!

ICG Slovakia consultants provide support to project teams via regular web-based and telephone conferences within the DMAIC project implementation – 60 minutes / week for each participant.
During the project, you will be constantly in touch with other participants solving similar projects using the same method in other plants.

Would you like to participate in the NODUS program?

Contact us. We will visit your company and present the NODUS project, including a reference example of its implementation in industrial environment.

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Milan Gazdík

Partner, consultant

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