SMED>>PRESS is a precisely engineered tool, your little desk factory for learning SMED, 1X, 3X, value analysis.

There are many ways to use simulation



SMED>>>PRESS is designed for training SMED technique. Take a camera, film the adjustment procedure, project it and do a standard analysis of the adjustment. Identify internal and external activities and minimize them. Work with team roles and create a collaborative work team.



SMED>>>PRESS is made for Kaizen. Play 1 round of simulation in the training room. Identify wastes and eliminate them in the second round. And off to production! Identify the opportunity on your machine and take another step to improve.


Testing jobseekers

SMED>>>PRESS allows your trainers and recruiters to test theoretical knowledge, practical skills and teamwork in a variety of tasks. Prepare a simple assignment and observe the candidate how skilled he/she is or how he/she can solve a specific situation or problem.



Simulation allows you to learn how to apply FMEA in process and product design. But what’s more. It allows you to perform training to identify the future needs of your new machine.


Planning optimization

SMED>>>PRESS is designed for training of optimization of production size and sequence. It allows you to conduct training in streamlining the detail of a workstation and in a group of machines and to optimize the distribution of orders to individual machines. But what’s more, your team will understand the principle of setup trains and look for the ideal sequence of orders in your process.

What did we achieve in the workshops/trainings with SMED>>PRESS?

  • Increased assembly line productivity by 420% (electrical production)
  • Increased OEE by 25% on CNC machine tools (mechanical engineering)
  • Reduction of operators by 70% percent (medical industry)




Minimized lift 6-8 mm, lift lock, rounded tips


1 Allen wrench and a workbench are all that is needed


The simulation belongs on a small table placed in the middle. Think, work, compete, optimize in a micro-world where anything is allowed


250 x 250 x 270 mm


2,3 kg


1-6 participants per 1 SMEDPRESS

Can be increased up to 12 people when working with tablets and projection

Booking information

You can purchase the SMED>>PRESS simulation

   740 EUR + VAT

We offer a discount on the second and subsequent pieces

10 %


All information and complete payment terms are available in the attached file.

Are you interested in purchasing the SMED>>PRESS simulation?

SMED>>PRESS simulation rental


We offer you the rental of SMED>>PRESS for internal trainings at your premises. Create your own program with cutting-edge equipment at low cost.

  • The loan period is 2 working weeks.
  • You pay the rental fee for each SMED>>PRESS you rent.
  • Loan includes product kit, trainer’s manual.
  • If necessary, we will train you briefly online.

How does it work?

  1. 1. Choose the amount of SMED>>PRESS simulations.
  2. 2. Arrange a possible rental date with us.
  3. 3. Send us the order.
  4. 4. We will pack the simulation and send it to you. You will be given instructions on how to use the product and implement the training.
  5. 5. Implement your training and write us about how the work was successful.
  6. 6. Send us SMED>>PRESS back to our address.


Booking information

SMED>>PRESS simulation can be rented

  125 EUR + VAT

Rental – price for 1 piece for 2 weeks


All information and complete payment terms are available in the attached file.

Are you interested in rental of SMED>>PRESS simulation?

Furthermore, we offer


Tailored programs

We will create tailored training programs to meet the exact training needs of your workplace


Trainer training

You can take our standardized program SMED>>PRESS as your training, regularly at ICG Prague and Bratislava


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