We focus on process optimization, to improve efficiency and production quality and accelerate business processes, using Lean and Six Sigma methodology.

We lower costs of development, support growth with innovations while focusing on change in corporate culture and thinking, the basis of successful project.

Processes, quality and costs 

We will help you find an opportunity for cost savings or increase in productivity in processes or departments by using process audit. We execute changes in processes to reduce time, costs and increase quality to customers. We use Lean Six Sigma methodology and for more complex tasks we created methodology of nodal VSM-NODUS.

People and organization development 

We analyse the need for change in culture in the whole organisation with unique cultural audit, which will help to set development plan. We will prepare you for changes and teach you lead and communicate them. We are your partner in any change, we can help you analyse attitudes of people, prepare communication, but also really solve particular problem.

Product and service innovation 

We will help you innovate your products, services or even business models of your company, from creative generation of ideas till the creation of an organisation supporting innovations. If you are interested in opportunities to radical cost savings, we carry out Design to Cost programme.

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