Lean Six Sigma needs to be supported by the management of the company – by the champions.

Lean Six Sigma Champion training focuses on executive managers who support process improvement projects and manage the overall program. The goal of the course is to introduce the basics of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, individual tools and techniques, and ultimately explain the role and responsibilities of the champion throughout the program.

Managers who participate in the training are carefully prepared for their new roles as project sponsors (champions) and for their regular collaboration with project managers (Green Belt or Black Belt).

The one-day training includes a practical workshop to identify appropriate opportunities and prioritize them. Overall, the goal is to create a strong company infrastructure and culture that engages management in regular process improvement within the company.

Typical situations in which you will use Lean Six Sigma Champion training

  • You are planning to launch a Lean Six Sigma program and need to increase awareness and support from middle and top management.
  • It is difficult to identify suitable opportunities for Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • You need to clarify sponsor roles for individual projects.
  • There is a varying level of understanding of the purpose of Lean Six Sigma within the company management.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the Lean Six Sigma philosophy (process improvement principles and understanding of the DMAIC cycle).
  • Identify opportunities in processes.
  • Hints and tips for managing Lean Six Sigma projects from the position of Project Champion.
  • Find the best ways to implement Lean Six Sigma into the day-to-day operations (create the infrastructure).
  • Implement effective and proper communication of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.