The success of your initiatives is only as good as how well the associated change is managed. No matter how good the technical solution is, without managing the “human attitude” it can’t be successful.

In every organization, many projects are implemented every year, whether technological, process-focused, or strategic. Not all of those are considered successful. In fact, many projects and changes fail to achieve the desired results, not because of a lack of human resources, methodology, or technology, but because the manager/leader failed to manage the change and the change was then not accepted by the end users. It is the resistance to change and ways to eliminate it that the change management methodology focuses on. Mastering it will significantly increase the chances of success.

Our training prepares participants to systematically manage change as part of any project or transformation within a company or department. During the training, participants will practice change management techniques on a real example. Together we will select a specific realistic topic. Participants will then become change managers and in small groups prepare a change management plan, a communication plan, develop arguments and test situations that can cause resistance to change.

Change management training is enriched with new communication and digital tools. You will learn the OPERA tool and its electronic version APERA, communication using Pecha Kucha techniques. In a separate session, we will discuss tools for virtual workshops and change management in an online environment – we will introduce you to the MIRO virtual whiteboard and introduce you to the Mentimeter, which you can use daily, not just for collecting feedback. We will also show you the possibilities of cultural analysis in the form of ICG’s Culture Canvas tool.

The course ends with a short test and if you complete the practical part of the course (according to the assignment), you can get the international certificate “Change Practitioner”. We will help you with the practical part through online consultations with the trainer. Both the certification and this additional coaching are included in the course fee!

You will learn to

  • Initiate, identify and implement changes within an organization in a way to get appropriate support during implementation of the change.
  • Recognize a typical reaction to change, how to prepare for it and how to face the resistance
  • Apply appropriate tools to provide successful development – workshop, individual and now also digital (virtual) tools.
  • Prepare a communication plan for both employees and management
  • Lead a strategic level of Change management in organization
  • Combine project techniques and change management
  • Lead a team and facilitate workshops

Are you interested in practical tips for change management? We recommend the book Adventure Change Management, written by ICG consultants. Training participants can borrow the book from the library in our training centre. We have summarized the most important principles of change management in the article 12 principles for transformation.

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