No more theories about how 5S is supposed to work! This 5S training teaches participants how to make their workplace one true functionally organized, highly productive, and safe area. Above all, this training will help company management lay a solid foundation for all improvement initiatives and establish the beginning of a culture that genuinely supports continuous improvement.

A fully-fledged 5S is the basis for any improvement approach – especially Lean, of which 5S is one of the essential tools.

Although 5S is supposed to be the basis for enabling companies and their employees to improve effectively, very often, 5S is fundamentally misunderstood, misapplied, dysfunctional, and often a source of waste and bureaucracy.

On such a basis, companies then vainly try to build their improvement activities, hoping for the long-term sustainability of hard-won improvements.

This training aims to show all participants practically – in their own environment – how to implement, maintain, and audit 5S properly and how to build a culture of continuous improvement based on the correctly implemented 5S.

Therefore, we explain and train 5S in a 5S Kaizen workshop. We immediately go with the team to implement the theoretical blocks practically in your company, at the workplace of your choice. In the training, we go through the origin of 5S, its basics and its benefits, preparation for 5S implementation, the individual steps of implementation, how to properly maintain and audit 5S, and how to build on it. At the same time, we will rehabilitate with the participants the existing mistakes in the understanding of 5S and explain what 5S is, what it is not, and how to approach it correctly.
Our main goal is to create a fully functional 5S workplace with you, which will become a benchmark for the correct implementation and development of 5S in your company.

After this hands-on training, participants will gain a reference workplace, deep knowledge of 5S and will then be able to lead and participate in the implementation of 5S in other workplaces themselves. Maintain it, audit it properly, and, most importantly, develop it further so that 5S finally brings you a real, noticeable benefit.

You will learn

  • What 5S really is and what it’s for
  • Manage preparatory actions for effective 5S implementation
  • Properly implement and maintain a functional 5S in the workplace over the long term
  • Prevent mistakes in 5S implementation
  • Properly audit the 5S deployment
  • How to use 5S to further develop a Lean culture

Why ICG?

  • Long-term experience in implementing functional 5S
  • We don’t just train the theory, we put everything into practice immediately
  • We will help you to prepare for the implementation of 5S
  • We implement 5S in the form of a Kaizen workshop with you and directly in your company
  • We make sure that the implementation of 5S benefits your company
  • Quality Guarantee

5S training levels

5S Core

Online video training on 5S theory for those who want to implement 5S in their workplaces in a meaningful way, with a high probability of creating a high-performing workplace. Sustaining it successfully and growing it further.
Through 2 hours of explanation inside 25 lessons, guided by our experienced trainer Josef Procházka, you will gain a comprehensive theoretical foundation that will make implementing a functional 5S a breeze.
We will guide you step by step through how to prepare for 5S, how to implement it and what to look out for so that 5S brings you tangible benefits and not just worries.
5S video lessons can also be purchased as an individual product.

5S Expert (2 – 3 days)

A 5S training workshop at a specific workplace focusing on the theory of the individual phases of 5S and gaining practical experience through a limited application of 5S at a specific workplace of the client’s choice.
The purpose of this workshop is not to improve the workplace to the end but to teach your 5S team how to apply 5S properly in your own environment.
The outcome of this training workshop is a team capable of applying 5S anywhere in the company, a partially improved reference workplace (within the capabilities of the 2-day training), and an action plan to complete the 5S implementation to a fully functional state.
In addition to the open format, this course is also offered as a closed training. To register for the open training, please select from the dates listed.

Open training – 2 days.
Closed company training – 3 days.

What’s included in the 5S Expert package:

  • Meaningful 5S video lesson (6 months license)
  • 2 / 3-day 5S training workshop
  • Remote tutor support (3 hours)

5S Professional (6 days)

The training of your team, which is designed as a 5S implementation workshop facilitated by our experienced consultant.
Similar to the 5S Expert level, the theory learned is immediately applied to practice, but this time we go through the entire lifecycle of a properly managed and planned 5S project, where we emphasize not only training the team but also making sure the improvements are followed through to completion.
At the end of this 5S implementation workshop, you will have a 5S reference site and a team capable of applying, maintaining and further developing 5S anywhere in the company.

What’s included in the 5S Professional package:

  • Meaningful 5S video lessons (6 months license)
  • 6-day 5S implementation workshop
  • Remote tutor support (5 hours)

Modules of the 5S PROFESSIONAL training

1. Preparing for the 5S Kaizen Workshop (5S Gemba)

  • 1-day preparation phase, when we come to your place
  • We’ll do the familiarization training required for the 5S theory
  • We will walk through the workplace with you and together identify the scope and needs for conducting a successful 5S workshop
  • We will complete a 5S charter
  • Together we agree on the process of implementing 5S in the workplace

2. 5S Kaizen Implementation Workshop (1st – 3rd S)

  • 3-day 5S training with immediate implementation of the discussed material into practice
  • We will go through the first 3 S’s (Sort, Set in order and Shine)

This workshop is followed by a break to complete the Shine phase in the client’s own time

3. Standardization of 5S wordplace and process (4.S)

  • 1-day implementation training for Phase 4 of 5S – Standardize
  • Identify and implement the standards required to operate a high-performance 5S workplace

This Workshop is followed by a break to complete the Standardize phase in the client’s own time

4. Stabilization of 5S (5.S) deployment

  • 1-day training to ensure long-term maintenance of the established 5S
  • We will teach you how to continue working with 5S, how to develop it, and also how to audit it properly

Who the 5S training is for

Implementation and support teams whose task is to implement the 5S methodology at their sites. Furthermore, Lean experts, consultants, 5S and TPM coordinators, and, of course, especially their Management.