Innovation Strategy

Creation of innovation strategy is about making sure that innovations are long-term and efficient.
It is about creating of infrastructure across your company starting with strategy, through selection of innovation projects up to the motivation of employees.

“We integrate an innovation system into your organization’s infrastructure to identify and implement innovations with long-term prospects.”

It is necessary to create an innovation strategy, integrate it into various parts of the company and use it in operation, management and the development of the innovation performance of the company. Individual innovation activities will not be effective without building a corporate innovation system. Our approach to the implementation of an innovation system usually solves situations when a company wants to innovate but doesn’t know how to start. It often happens that a company is not satisfied with the current innovation performance, and the innovation process needs to be encouraged and you need to be more effective at finding quality projects and return on investments. We have years of experience in implementing or changing an innovation strategy in a company and we use tested methods.

Key blocks of company innovation system as per ICG Slovakia

Innovation strategy - Innovation focused organization - Innovation management, People and development, Innovation processes


Typical course of implementation of an innovation strategy

1. Evaluation of innovation audit

We set priorities for the reprocessing of the existing innovation system or creating a new one based on the evaluation of the current innovation performance.

2. Proposing alternatives to an innovation system

We design several conceptual variants of the innovation system for the company and recommend an optimal approach on the basis of an evaluation model.

3. Design of an innovation system

We use proven methodology for the final design of the company’s innovation system – i.e. how to innovate efficiently, quickly and reliably in a corporate and business environment.

4. Planning of deployment activities

We prepare a detailed plan for the development of an innovation system, with the emphasis on a smooth transition to the organization and minimizing the risk of resistance.

5. Starting the innovation system

During the actual implementation, we monitor the whole process and inform the management about its course. Communication and change management are crucial for the successful starting of innovations.

Typical situations

  • Systems of cost saving (Lean, Cost saving) and continuous improvement (Kaizen) has brought tangible benefits, but the company doesn’t grow.
  • You want to launch into innovations, but you don’t know how to start and how to manage them in terms of a system.
  • You need tangible innovation results.
  • You need to look for new sources of income, new customers, new products and services.
  • You are not satisfied with the current innovation performance and you need to encourage an innovation process.

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