The highest level of certification!
12 days of training programme (add-on to Green Belt) focused on the field of process improvement and optimization. Become Black Belts and obtain an internationally recognized certification!

Black Belt training is one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the field of process improvement and project management. As a rule, the training course is divided into 2 to 3 months during which instructions and work on real projects are combined. This training is also (in a short version) an extension for people with Green Belt training.

A Black Belt must be able to lead a project through all stages to implement, transfer, evaluate its outcome (financial benefits – according to the market surveys the average profit of one project is 100T € ) and to increase the quality and customer satisfaction.

All tools and techniques are discussed in great detail during the training. An enormous emphasis is placed on practicing data analysis, process analysis and statistical process control tools.

The Black Belt training is not a statistics course anymore! It is a complex approach to process problem solving. We won’t teach you difficult statistical formulas, but instead we will teach you how to use the newest analytical tools in Minitab.

Every process improvement project must incorporate elements of change management – during the project Black Belts have to identify the project stakeholders, choose the right communication strategy and work effectively with resistance to change. That is why our programme includes a module focused on change management, facilitation and workshops. A separate chapter is dedicated to innovation and design.

The training is completed with a preparation for certification and, after meeting the certification requirements, granting Lean Six Sigma Black Belt diploma which is an internationally recognised certification.

You will learn to

  • Deploy process improvement into organizations.
  • Carry out process audit.
  • Manage large process improvement projects.
  • Create, lead and motivate a dedicated project team.
  • Analyze collected data and identify key root causes of problems.
  • Suggest the best solution, proceed with the pilot and implementation of process improvements.
  • Evaluate financial benefits of the project.
  • Combine DMAIC, DFSS and KAIZEN approach

Training format of the Black Belt training

Black Belt training is conducted in a hybrid format combining physical training and webinar. This new format provides a combination of modern digital platforms (Menti, Miro, Odoo platform) with discussions, videos and case studies, and gives you access to a large library of templates, articles and videos on the topic. The whole concept enhances the interactivity of the programme and you will also learn how to use digital collaboration and problem solving tools for your future work.

The training includes online coaching of your project by an experienced ICG consultant.

All modules are scheduled from 9:00-17:00:

  • Module 1: Physical
  • Module 2: Online
  • Module 3: Online
  • Module 4: Physical

The physical part of the programme takes place in a classroom at our training center.

For the online part, you will need an internet connection and a possibility to install / or use the on-line  Teams application.

Watch video: Our perspective on online trainings Watch video: Our perspective on online trainings

Consultants Milan Gazdík and Libor Čadek are reflecting the development of online trainings and discuss positives, challenges and describe the whole journey and toolset used in our virtual sessions.

Why training from us?

  • Methodology based on practical examples from 30 consultants from the whole Europe
  • Experienced trainers who have realized over 60 LSS trainings in the past 12 months
  • Combination of LEAN, Six Sigma and change management
  • Quality guarantee on all our trainings International LSS certification included
  • Professional colour-printed study materials with case studies
  • Over 100 positive references

Why choose Lean Six Sigma training from us? We give you 12 reasons!


After completing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and successfully passing a final test (at least 80%, the test comprises 40 questions), we will give you a certificate of successful completion of the Black Belt course.

A candidate can continue with “Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt” certification for which it is necessary to implement one project using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. This particularly involves practical testing of selected tools and improving a specific process. The course includes project templates, which markedly simplify the work on a project. In order to obtain the certification, it is necessary to defend the project in front of a committee in the ICG-Capability office. The certification process as well as the defense are already included in the course price. The training is in compliance with ASQ requirements.

Look at photos from successful Lean Six Sigma certifications:


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