Cultural audit

We'll find out what the culture is like within your company, what values your employees hold, and how all of this supports or hinders you in achieving your goals.
We analyse company values, behaviour and culture

Changing a company’s culture is challenging and is only possible through consistent transformation. Corporate culture is a set of unwritten laws, based on past successes, and massively drives the behavior of managers and employees.

Understanding the current culture is a key element of cultural change. What is your company culture like? How is it perceived by employees and management? Could changes in company culture change the motivation of your colleagues, thereby changing performance and, as a result, the achievement of your goals? With a company cultural audit, we can help you (not only) answer these questions in a meaningful way.

After a cultural audit, participants become more aware of how, for example, experienced communication and leadership as well as their own history, values, rituals, etc. influence their daily work as well as (planned) projects. It becomes clear which elements of the organizational culture are barriers to projects and what therefore needs special attention, but also what is beneficial for projects and how this can be exploited.

Sometimes it only takes a small change to take the corporate culture to the next level. In our experience, just the introduction of regular communication forums has increased trust in management by 10%. If you need to plan a more comprehensive change in your organization and set an appropriate corporate strategy, take a look at our Organization development program.

Our Approach - Roadmap



Cultural workshops and self-assessments will reveal patterns, beliefs and cultural boundaries in your organization.



We clearly state the desired state of the culture, design key interventions and test new behaviors with you.



We provide guidance to leaders on designing the "right" mix of culture impacting initiatives.

Goals and Benefits

Eliminating resistance and promoting engagement

Long-term team motivation

Setting the direction towards a targeted corporate culture

Linking company values to company culture

Changes in employee behavior

Examples of Benefits

+40% NPS

Impact: creating a culture of trust throughout the organization with all employees involved in the process. Where: Retail - Hobby

+30% autonomous teams

Impact: the change in leadership culture has led to the development of a leadership culture built on accountability, trust and collaboration across the manufacturing units. Where: Automotive manufacturing company

100% cooperation development

Impact: developing a collaborative culture involving all employees Where: Telecommunications Company

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