Lean Performance

We set up a value stream according to customer requirements, with active involvement of all employees and minimum operating costs.
Innovative production optimization

Truly Lean manufacturing can meet customer requirements on time, to the required quality and at minimum cost. We understand very well that customer requirements are constantly changing and mass production has no future.

Therefore, we do not focus on the mere implementation of lean manufacturing tools, which is still traditionally attempted by companies. We look for the energy line of the entire value stream and use Lean tools only to remove obstacles on the way to a jointly defined target state of the entire Lean process.

The target state of the entire value stream can respond to the changing environment and customer requirements. All employees involved know and actively fulfill their roles.

We can unleash a huge amount of energy from your people and keep the momentum going even after the initial enthusiasm has waned. We never weigh activities on a one-man show, but involve the whole team.

Together with your people, we design breakthrough changes and an action plan to test their functionality. Once the solution is debugged, we manage the final implementation of the actions and ensure adoption. We standardize the new hire onboarding process for all roles in the organization. We set up routines to ensure long-term sustainability of the new state and its improvement, including active involvement of management and supporting departments.

We also empower leaders at all levels of the organization to properly fulfill their role as process owners and to provide a safe environment for improvement. The Lean leadership program teaches you how to be a true leader and is a suitable complement to the Lean performance program.

If you want to become an expert in the Lean tools yourself, take a look at our offer of Lean trainings.

Product sheet

Download information about Lean Performance in PDF format.


Our Approach - Roadmap


Analysis of the situation

We will analyze your situation including data analysis.


Removing barriers

Remove barriers to smooth production flow.


Inventory management settings

Set up inventory control in production.



We standardize the new state of processes in production.


Measurement settings

We set up measurements (KPIs) and their evaluation.

Goals and Benefits

Minimum Lead Time

shift output

100% on time delivery
Optimal value of WIP in process (DOH)

Low loss production capacity
(Equipment availability and product quality)

Examples of Benefits

-70% Reduction of conversion time for semi-manual processes.

Impacts: Increasing the availability of the equipment and thus reducing its loss capacity has created space for the implementation of the preventive maintenance plan and increased shift productivity. At the same time, the rebuild process became more comfortable and transparent, resulting in significantly fewer equipment repairs due to poor quality rebuilds. Where: Production Engineering Company

35min Reduce Lead Time from 1.4 days to 35 minutes in the assembly process

Impacts: The overall production capacity was significantly increased, allowing a large backlog of orders to be processed very quickly. To reduce production time so significantly, it was also necessary to streamline most of the support processes through planning, maintenance, logistics and HR. This took the manufacturing sector from a pure pressure system to a functional pull system. Where: A manufacturing engineering company

-88% Reduction of the removal time of 1 unit from the warehouse to production.

Impact: 21 minutes shorter picking time. At the same time, the error rate in the delivery of materials other than those needed in production was reduced and the percentage of defects caused by inadequate handling of products during loading, transport to production and subsequent removal from storage was significantly reduced. Where: Production engineering company

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