There is no need to know mathematical formulas when analyzing, but you need to know how to prepare, collect and interpret right the data.

In working life, we are often surrounded by data. We collect a lot of data on all parameters of the process or product, but we are not able to evaluate these data effectivelly. In practice we use only limited analytical tools and charts that do not allow us to reveal the real root cause of our problem. During this training course you will learn to use complex data analysis techniques by using software Minitab. Training is based on a real case data, which are gradually analyzed graphically and statistically.

Typical situations where to use analytical methods

  • We make decisions on intuitive basis and estimates rather than based on data.
  • We want to promote our idea, but we have no data arguments.
  • We collect many data, but we do not know how to use them.
  • We do not know how much data we need for the proposed analysis.
  • We need to set up KPI measurement.
  • We bought expensive statistical software, but do not use its capabilities.

You will learn to

  • How to set-up measurement and data collection needed for analysis.
  • Detecting potential problems out of the data trends.
  • Evaluate data parameters.
  • Find a solution based on data.
  • Execute graphical and statistical analysis using Minitab software.
  • Use statistical tools: hypothesis testing, regression analysis, correlation, Box plot diagram, Pareto, Scatter diagram and SPC charts.

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