The average loss of internal logistics activities in a CR/SR factory is 69% . Approximately ¼ of the loss can be eliminated without major effort or cost in a matter of days. You may also not need 7/10 of your logistics activities.
Are you short of workers and warehousemen? Too many agency workers? Are you looking for opportunities to optimize? Come together with us to find your cost-saving program.

Objectives of internal logistics analysis

  • The primary objective is to identify areas where the efficiency and productivity of your logistics team can be improved and to propose quick and medium-term optimization solutions.
  • Secondary target areas are inventory reduction (WIP) aimed at freeing up the cash flow of the company coupled with the speed of logistics processes.
  • Tertiary objective is to achieve high process capability, minimizing defects.

Areas of our analysis

1. Warehouses: warehouses are a key part of factory logistics. Warehouse analysis involves identifying areas where warehousing costs can be reduced and warehousing efficiency improved

  • Ramp and system reception
  • Initial quality inspection
  • Loading
  • Reloading
  • Packaging and shipping

2. Supply: we review losses and opportunities for movement with material, work in progress, sub-assemblies. Identifies manufacturing site losses associated with supply.

  • Transport of materials to the workplace
  • Workplace supply
  • Movement in the workplace
  • Micro movements of material to the workplace
  • Interoperative transfers

3. Production workplace: We review workplace movements, micro movements in the work zone, and link identified workplace losses and opportunities to overall logistics.

  • Material and component removal
  • Work cycle movements
  • Workplace ergonomics
  • Bottleneck supply
  • Sequential material preparation for the workplace
  • Sequential collection by workplace

4. Logistics methods and tools : We will review all your standard tools in place in the company and propose comprehensive optimizations and partial Kaizen.

  • Milk Run
  • JIS
  • Kanban
  • AGV / AMR
  • Automatic warehouses
  • WMS

How will it work?

  1. You’ll be ready. We will meet you online and go through the preparation process.
  2. The consultant, together with technical and managerial guides, will take a picture of your processes. He will lead a discussion with your workers, warehouse staff, THP staff and managers.
  3. We’ll do an analysis. Identifies the losses in each individual part of the process. Define losses in internal logistics as a whole. We find the losses between the areas of the factory involved in internal logistics. We will present the results and deliver them in an online presentation.
  4. We will suggest local kaizens to eliminate the loss of each type of activity. We will suggest optimization of the various methods used in logistics and propose cost-saving and optimization programs for major changes in the medium term.
  5. We will design and prepare a data analysis assignment for you to confirm previous findings and support your decision making on proposed changes.
  6. If you are interested, we will prepare a data analysis and carry out a workshop design of your future internal logistics together with you.

Who is the programme for?

  • Factories, external warehouses, logistics centres

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