A two-day meeting focused on sharing approaches, tools and experiences in the field of business development and process improvement.

We are preparing a unique meeting on “Business Excellence”, which will take place in June this year! The key objective of this event is to introduce participants to the best in the field of process change, as well as change and transformation in the management of entire companies and organizations.

We reached out to our selected partners and asked them to share their projects, approaches and experiences with us. However, our ICG Business Excellence Forum will not only be about presentations of interesting projects. You will also be able to participate in intensive workshops, panel discussions and there will be ample opportunities for networking with other participants.

We are celebrating 15 years in business at this conference, so we would be delighted if you could celebrate this anniversary with us.

This conference is for Six Sigma experts, managers, innovators, team leaders and anyone who wants to learn more about how to grow and improve in their industry. Get ready for an inspiring 2 days of new information, practical tools and inspiring sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your skills and take your business to the next level.

You can look forward to presentations from more than 12 interesting speakers.

The conference aims to

  • Introduce Lean and Six Sigma approaches implemented in leading companies from the Czech and Slovak Republic.
  • Share examples of practical projects (DMAIC projects).
  • To introduce comprehensive OPEX (Operational Excellence) programs with a focus on program management, as well as the associated culture change, approach and success evaluation.
  • To advise on how to proceed and what to avoid when introducing change in an organisation (Change Management and the role of Leadership).
  • To share and discuss current trends, methods and approaches.
  • Facilitate discussion with professionals with similar specialisation and make new contacts.
  • Celebrate with us 15 years in the market.

Conference Building Blocks:

  • Case studies – case studies presented by representatives of leading Czech companies, addressed by Lean and Six Sigma experts (DMAIC projects).
  • Panel discussion – Each session of the presentation will be followed by a discussion with questions to the presenters.
  • OPEX Roadshow – An organization’s journey of change to “Operational Excellence” status  – presentation, introduction of the approach and a large workshop on this transformational topic.
  • Top 10 Process Improvement Tools – We’ll show you 10 practical “super tools” that every improvement practitioner needs to know.
  • Parallel Groups – Some topics will be parallel, where the participant will be able to choose the topic of their choice.
  • Workshops – Group or parallel group workshops linked to the topics of each lecture.
  • Evening programme – Joint networking for professional networking and sharing of experiences.