Do you want to know, how organization of a wide range of industries tackle today’s challenges of the business word? And do you want to give practical Tools a try? If you do, the Change Management Conference in Vienna on May 10, 2017 is exactly the right event for you.

The conference covers current topics related to High Impact Change and will provide its participants with a view inspiring talks, hands-on sessions and cases in English, as well:The day starts with short inspiring talks about concrete solutions for current challenges the business world is facing.

  • More agile organizations – starting points and approaches (German)
  • Exponential thinking – exponential organizations (German)
  • Agile Leadership: What to do more, what to do less? (English)
  • Five principles to transform company culture (German)
  • Innovation fitness – What we can learn from ants (English)

In our Hands-on Change sessions you can try methods and tools. There are two that are going to be held in English: Team exercise: Can you keep a poker face? and Exercise: Agile Leadership.The highlight of the Change Management Conference are the 12 different cases you can choose from. Change managers and leaders from international and national companies as well as public organizations are going to give a insights about their successful transformations projects. You can discuss with them about challenges and approaches. Two cases are going to be held in English: Rich Products, Driving Growth and Innovation and Rijnconsult, Reshaping a Social Organization.

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