»Online training is a modern form of education that fully suits today‘s needs and pushes the possibilities of education further. I would completely recommend the Lean Flow Expert in online form. The lecturer was great, he answered all our questions, the explanation was understandable and supplemented by practical examples.«
sas automotive

Dušan Netolička

Head of maintenance department, SAS Automotive s.r.o.

»The Business Process Management training was very interesting and fun at the same time. I appreciate the sharing of experience and the ability to link the theoretical part of the training with practice and practical examples. In addition, the training has very good and quality materials.«

Adéla Ondráčková

IT Project Manager, Olympus Czech Group

»The BPM training I have completed has met my expectations and deepened my knowledge of process management, which I have been doing for about 1.5 years. I have appreciated the approach of a lecturer who has enriched the theory of practical experience. I also welcomed the opportunity for an interactive discussion during the training.«
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Dana Marušinová

Process Manager, Československá obchodná banka, a. s.

»My thanks to ICG for an intensive course that introduced me the project management and made it easier for me to enter this field, with which I have had no experience so far.«

Patrik Mandys

PM Junior, Connectronics s.r.o.

»I can recommend the Project Management training. It was on a professional level. Great trainer. Explanation based on examples from practice, individual methods tested on examples. I‘m sure it will be helpful in my work.«

Jana Hošková

Specialist – Energy Data Management, Innogy Energie, s.r.o.

»Very well-prepared training illustrated on a fictitious company and their project. The lecturer is knowledgeable. It is apparent that he has managed many projects and knows things from practice.«

Kamila Folaufová

Program Coordinator, GE Aviation Czech

»I strongly recommend ICG Change Management training. It provided useful information supplemented by a number of practical exercises, thanks to which I am now not only able to prepare for the upcoming changes but also to approach them more positively.«

Katarina Murgašová

Officer II, Custody cash, KBC

»The Change Management training was a very positive experience, it has led me to self-reflection within my own projects. I strongly recommend the training to all people from different areas, such as project management, communication, management.«

Taťána Nohelová

OPE Expert, Siemens s.r.o.

»Very nice training. TRIZ is an excellent method, which gave me complex insight into technical innovation problem solving.«

Vladimír Tolman

Senior AME Manager, ZF TRW

»The TIRZ training was excellent (like all your trainings). It was a challenging topic, but the lecturer managed to give it great. I was surprised how much I remember from the training.«

Ivana Miklovič

GtoG, s.r.o.