Come and increase your development efficiency and performance by applying new knowledge and gaining inspiration from leaders who are successful.

The programme has 4 topics, which are interconnected by an integrated approach to development of new products called „ Right products right“. First module is focused on Market modelling and survey, how to discover opportunities for growth on the existing market or potential for expansion onto new markets, or even how to create a completely new market segment. You will learn how to interlink markets and the product portfolio and create the “correct” assignment for development of new products. In the second module, we will explain how to how to model and innovate new products and how to increase the productivity of production and assembly (Design for X methods). Third module is focused on utilizing the growing trends for customisation and individualisation of the range of services for customers, and also on mass customization, platformisation and management of platforms. We will focus on the process of development in the last module.

Basic information about the training

  • Modular program, 8 days of training.
  • The main lecturer Ján Chaľ – expert in the field of product development  and innovation.
  • Visits from top industrial companies.
  • Presentations and joint meetings with the leaders of visited companies.
  • Sharing experience with other trainees.

Main topics of the individual training modules

  • 1. module: Market Development
  • 2. module: Product Development
  • 3. module: Product Platform Development
  • 4. module: R&D Management

Participants who are interested in the methodology can register also for individual modules, but since the topics are interconnected, we recommend completing all modules. We are able to prepare a “turnkey” training for individual companies.

Program Structure of Product Development Academy

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