Agile Transformation


  • ICG supported the transformation of the company to an Agile organization through a design phase to become a purpose driven organization. ICG provided facilitation of Design Sprint workshops in a role of an Agile coach and helped to re-define Roche’s operating model. One of the key outcomes is an Organizational Model Playbook to support the implementation of the Agile organization. During workshops ICG also supported visual facilitation to visualize outcomes.


  • Design the new Operation model focused on Structure, Processes and People with internal employees – volunteers. Facilitate a series of design workshops and create high performing sprint teams by showing how agile framework works and conveying the experience of agility during the workshops and unlocking employee’s creativity.


  • During a series of Design workshops a new Agile organization structure was created.  New processes, guiding principles were defined. New roles were established to create highly engaged, empowered and innovative teams. Sprint outcome and new Operation Model was documented in a graphic and visual way and published in a Playbook.


The Project

The Client

Roche Slovakia s.r.o.

Scope of the project

The project focused on the following critical elements of the organization:

  • Structure: Re-designing of the organization around the customer
  • Processes: Integrate AGILE philosophies/methodologies into critical processes: Innovation, Decision Making, Performance Management, Technology, Business Planning.
  • People: Define new Roles & Capabilities to support the new operating model, with talent mapping, skill gap analysis and training program recommendations


Design Sprint workshops in numbers

  • Days sprinting: 18
  • Attendeees incl. Facilitators: 49
  • Flipcharts used to design new organization: 184 sheets
  • Coffee consumption: 92 liters
  • Agile games and energizers played to create creative and high performing teams: 37

Agile Coaching

The role of the Agile coach supported by ICG was to introduce and show employees Agile values, create opportunities to try out new tools and ways of working. The Agile coach supports the sprint team consisting of employees from different departments of the organization to become a high-performance team in a very short time. Beside delivering the sprint objectives the Agile coach makes sure that the team learns new things, have fun and is approaching problems in a creative way by facilitating diverse activities and exercises.