Darlene Damm from Singularity University gave us a glimpse into the future as it is happening right now already.

When different technologies come together amazing innovations happen and they will affect all our lives. Therefore, you need to read this – it is no longer science fiction anymore

My first reaction was thinking about reasons why this is not going to happen. It cannot happen, because …

My second thought was: Hey I’m just scared because it is so much outside of my everyday- imagination.

Thinking exponentially is just not my daily task. However, it is already reality in our world. All the well-known examples like Uber, Airbnb, iPhone, facebook, Snapchat etc. show us what exponential growth is. Still, I find myself thinking that it is not going to happen in biology /health. Why? – Why not? I need to think more. In the meantime enjoy the reading: http://bit.ly/2cHmiFX

Author: Hans Bodingbauer