We would like to introduce you our Creative problem solving training. Let’s look at problems in terms of opportunities and attempt to develop solutions that not just fix the issue but bring a whole new level of added value. Creative problem solving and ideation are the backbone of innovation. Yet we can’t guarantee that we’ll know how to approach the problem right away nor that ideas will flow anytime we start a brainstorming – all too often we feel least inspired precisely when we need to be the most creative.

In our unique course we’ll show participants a variety of ways to get inspired and create ideas that can later be transformed into successful solutions for any innovation agenda. Participants will, moreover, acquire a robust toolkit for dealing with challenges when implementing innovative solutions.

During 2 days participants will engage in a series of interactive exercises to strengthen their creative side and learn to apply it when solving a variety of challenging problems. Alongside a wide portfolio of practical tools for idea generation the course will also present powerful techniques for advanced problem solving.

You will learn tools for inspiration and icebreakers, idea application and adaptation, SIMPLEX: roust creative solving method, SSM: dealing with complex issues, CONSTRUCTIVE CONTROVERCY: improving solutions, INDUCTIVE REASONING: limited number of inputs, APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY: looking at what’s right.


The next Creative problem solving training is held in our office ICG-capability in Prague from 6.-7.10. Course fee is 280 EUR + VAT / participant. We are looking forward to see you at our training!

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