Project management. Methodology. Tools. But how to use these tools? How to use them for work? What else “can I” do and “cannot do” as a project manager? Project manager is responsible for the delivery of a project. What are project manager’s competencies and responsibilities? How should a project manager lead the project team in order to collectively deliver what is expected from the project?

There are many training courses on various methodologies on the market. In most cases, these concern “hard” skills – to create a WBS, to plan activities, to use different risk management methods, etc. If you correctly use these “hard” knowledge and skills – a properly filled-out table and a bulletproof project plan – will it guarantee you a successful project delivery? I do NOT think so. That is just one side. Nowadays, Project management is mainly about the art of understanding the assignment of the project, perceiving the needs of the company and the customer and the needs of the project team, and combining them in order to satisfy both. So it is rather about “soft” skills. About becoming aware of “your role” as a project manager and about the skill to motivate the project team and create such conditions for its members to work together well.

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Autor: Lenka Čápová, ICG